The 99 attributes of Allah Embroidery on Velvet Cloth # 108


The 99 attributes of Allah  Embroidery on Velvet Cloth

The measures :

  Inches Centimeters
The Cloth size 29 X 23 73 X 59
The Embroidered area 24 X 16 61 X 41

This is great piece as in the pictures
awesome embroidered pattern is written by
" The 99 attributes of Allah "or " Asmaa Allah Alhosna "
on rich black velvet cloth. (in Egypt is called "Serma")
you will cherish forever!

This pattern is embroidered by golden thread .

This piece is for framed and hanged on the wall.
You can use it as a great gift for your friends.

The actual size of this area is 3cm X 2cm  (1.2" X 0.8")

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al-Khafidh  The Abaser  ar-Rafay  The Exalter  al-Mu'izz  The Honourer  al-Muzill  The Abaser  as-Samee  The All-Hearing  al-Baseer  The All-Seeing  Hakam  The Judge  al-Adl  The Just  al-Lateef  The Subtle One  al-Khabeer  The Knowing  al-Haleem  The Forbearing  al-Azeem  TheGreat  al-Ghafur  The All-Forgiving  ash-Shakur  The Appreciator  al-Ali  The High  al-Kabeer  The Great  al-Hafeez  Preserver  al-Muqeet  The Sustainer  al-Haseeb  The Reckoner al-Jaleel  The Sublime  al-Kareem  Generous  ar-Raqeeb  The Watchful  al-Mujeeb  The Responser  al-Wassay  The All-Embracing  al-Hakeem  The Wise  al-Wadud  The Loving  al-Mujeed  The Glorious  al-Baaith  The Resurrector  ash-Shaheed al-Haqq  The True  al-Wakeel  The Trustee  al-Qawi  The Strong  al-Mateen  The Firm  al-Walee  The Friend  al-Hameed  Praisworthy  al-Muhsi  The Reckoner  al-Mubdi  The Originator  al-Mu'id  The Restorer  al Muhyi  The Giver of Life  al-Mumeet  The Giver of Death  al-Hayee  The Living  al-Qayyum  The Self Subsisting  al-Wajid  Finder  al-Majid  The Noble  al-Wahid  The Unique  as-Samad  The Eternal  al-Qadir  The Powerful  al-Muqtadir  The Powerful  al-Muqaddim  The Expediter  al-Mu'akhir  The Postponer  al-Awwal  The First  al-Akhir  The Last  al-Zahir  The Manifest  al-Batin  The Hidden  al-Waalee  The Governor  al-Muta'li  The Most Exalted  al-Barr  The Benign  al-Tawwab  The Oft Returning  al-Muntaqim  The Avenger  al-Afu  Pardoner  ar-Rauf  The Compassionate  Malikul-Mulk  The Owner of Sovereignty  Dhul-Jalal-wal-Ikram  The Lord of Majisty and Bounty  al-Jame  The Gatherer  al-Ghanee  The Self Sufficient  al-Mughani  The Enricher  al-Mani  The Preventer  al-Nafi  The Propitious  an-Noor  The Light  al-Hadi  The Guide  al-Badi'  The Incomparable  al-Muqsit  The Just  al-Dhar  The Distresser  al-Baqi  The Everlasting  al-Warith  Inheritor  ar-Rasheed  The Guide to the Right Path  as-Sabur  The Patient


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