Kaaba Door - Bab Al-kaaba 120 Cm X 73 Cm #103

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Kaaba Door Islamic Art

Large Size ( 120 cm X 73 cm )

This is a great piece as in the pictures
awesome embroidered pattern for " AL-KAABA DOOR "
on rich black velvet cloth. (in Egypt is called "Serma")
you will cherish forever!

This pattern is embroidered by golden thread and
silver thread as in the pictures.

This piece is for framed and hanged on the wall.
You can use it as a great gift !

The measures :

  Inches Centimeters
The Cloth size 48 X 29.2 120 X 73
The Embroidered area 34 X 17.6 85 X 44

The shipment:

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  • Model: 103

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